D. I. P Form-4 Visa Application Form

Press the button to download Visa Application Form:


Before completing the form, please read the instructions:


  1. Attach a colour photograph (45mm x 35mm) with glue at the top left corner of the form. Photograph should be with a white background.
  2. Personal details, Travel Document details, Payment details (as applicable) must be filled up.
  3. Apply according to your necessity and fill up the required option of New visa/ Extension of visa/ Transit permit/ On arrival visa/ No Visa Required (N.V.R)
  4. Apply with essential documents, otherwise, the application would not be received for consideration.
  5. Use Tick mark (√) in the check Box.
  6. Visa fee is submitted only in US dollars, in cash. Dirty, damaged, torn, marked and old banknotes will not be accepted.
  7. Receive delivery slip after the submission of application form and check the content of the delivery slip before going out from the visa office.
  8. Visa application fee is non-refundable.
  9. Lodge your passport as per tentative call date for getting visa.
  10. Reissuance of visa sticker due to applicant’s mistake needs to be paid again as per payment list.
  11. In some cases, Visa call date subjects to police verification Report/ Security Clearance from MOHA/ Work Permit from BOI/BEPZA/ N.G.O/ Bureau/ Recommendation from Ministry Or organizations concerned,
  12. The authority’s decision regarding visa is final.